I am NOT my Hair

As women, our confidence and self esteem are often seeds planted by our mothers. I love that this mother was brave enough to challenge her own beliefs of what is beautiful, so that her daughters beliefs can grow.



I Love This!!


Love this short hair!! I’m thinking of something new to do… my hair is currently down my back. This length would not be new to me, just a DRASTIC change! I’ll post pics if I get up the nerve to cut it. What do you think?

My Very first Post!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Heidi. I am a Hairdresser. Whoa, that was bland. Ok, ok… Im nervous! This is my very first post. Here’s a little background info on me… I am a Hairstylist from raised in Chicago, Illinois. I have recently relocated to Detroit, Michigan with my partner and my daughter. I have been a hairstylist for almost 12 years ( yikes!) My specialties are cutting and styling all types of hair. I have honed my craft and skill through out my tenure and am excited ( and nervous) to start something new… This blog! Hope you like what you see… subscribe if you do. Leave (constructive) criticism if you see something that needs some work. I look forward to sharing with you!